Designing a card game about videogames

Participants: Young people at the age of 13 to 15 years
Time: March 2012
Partners: JFF – Institute for media education and media research

In this project the participants work together in small groups to create a card game about videogames. The participants’ knowledge, their experience and their communication about videogames is hereby considered as a great resource that can be beneficial for training key competences in formal and non-formal educational processes. Action orientation and subject orientation are the key educational principles and the motivation of young people for playing games and for working creatively proviron achat greatly supports these processes. By the method of active media work, reflection on videogames is encouraged and the participants gain insight into game design processes – concerning social, aesthetical, technical, ludological and moral/legal aspects. Depending on the videogames that are to be featured in the card game and the rules of the game to be created the project can be put into practice with children or adolescents from an age of 10 years and older. The model project took place in school (lower education level) in Munich with students at the age from 13 to 15 years.

The project contains three modules:

(1)   Presentation of and discussion on preferred videogames:
The participants will describe and discuss their favorite videogames and their specific qualities precisely, categorize them by genres and chose which games will play a role in the card game.

(2)   Creation of a card game in group work
Depending on the skills of educators and participants, as well as available resources (equipment, time, room), different forms of creative and media works can be applied – analogue techniques like sketching or painting as well as digital forms like photography, image manipulation or graphics design. The participants have to define rules, design the artwork and do research on facts that are needed for the game.

(3)   Publishing and presenting the results as well as playing the game with others
The final part of the project contained the presentation of the game to the others, explain its rules and guide other players.

The students that participated in the model project in March 2012 developed a card game that was influences by different forms of games: pairs, go fish, meta game by Local no. 12. Their result “World of creative cards” featured 30 videogames, quantitative categories of knowledge and qualitative categories of judgment.  While playing the games it turned out to be a fine tool to get into discussions and dialogue with peers as well as – while playing in intergenerational groups – with adults.