In the project “Gamepaddle” we have developed activity modules that aim to further the goals for our project. They address areas like; bridge the gap between the adult non-gamer and the videogaming youth, reflection on gaming habits, game content and values and transfer of skills developed through gaming to real world challenges.

The methods are based on the practical use of videogames. These modules are intended to be used by teachers or educators that work with, or in other ways come in contact with, young gamers. The modules and their content can also serve as inspiration and models to develop your own activities in this field.



CardGameDesign – the German module
In this project the participants work together in small groups to create a card game about videogames. The outcome is a game about games that can be played by others and encourages them to discuss about the world of videogames.>> more infos

Cooperation in Minecraft – the Swedish module
This project proposes a way to use the game MINECRAFT to learn basic project management with a Scrum-like approach. Cooperation and project oriented work is constantly getting more common in schools, companies, organization and even in family life. The general objective was to become a better team player and organizer.>> more infos
empowerplay_web empower*play – the Austrian module
The Austrian project wants to encourage young people to advocate their interests and to demonstrate the importance of gaming as a modern cultural practice. Young people introduced digital gaming worlds to adults. The key to their successful guiding of adults is their gaming expertise.>> more infos

SIMaging the City – the Italian module
In this project with adolescents from La Zisa, a deprived area of Palermo, Sicily, the videogame Simcity is used to initiate reflexion on the urban environment young people live in and raise civic awareness.>> more infos