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wienXtra-medienzentrum is THE place to go for young people in Vienna who wants to explore and experiment with media in their freetime. They have the idea, and we provide the support they need: advice, equipment rental, editing suites, photostudio, workshops and information events – most of our services are free for young people under the age of 22.
Media education in theory and practice: Educators who want to use media in their work will find also a large variety of services and activities at our media centre: seminars, information events and a training course in media education provide valuable ideas for their own work. mz staff provide advice on specific project plans and also assist them with their project, if required.
The educational objective of acquiring media skills has become more important than ever. Today’s media worlds are waiting to be discovered and developed by us – so don’t miss out! If you know how to express yourself in the different languages of the media, you’ve got media cracked.
The media centre’s multi-professional team covers many areas of media production and media education and is continually trying out new methods of and approaches to active media work in the fields of video, audio, photography, visuals, computertechnology,…

Michaela Anderle

I am a media educator at wienXtra-medienzentrum since 2005 in diverse fields of activity: giving advice and support to young people, when they want to realise their own media projects, planning courses for educators and coordinating projects for young people with focus on games, web and social media,… .

Anu Pöyskö 

I am Media Educator and have been active on different fields of action-oriented media education since the 90ies. I have a cross-over-approach to media education, having been working with different types of media (video, audio, web) within many different educational frameworks (school, youth work, kindergarten, adult education, community media). Presently, I’m managing wienXtra-medienzentrum, one of the biggest practice-orienteted media education institutions in Austria. The focus of my work is on developing methodology for action-orientated media education and on designing and conducting media education courses for educators.